PTG Golf Club
Marissa's Best Burrito Baby!

The breakfast burritos at Poppy Ridge sucked. (How's that for pithy? Concise and to the point!) And I mean really sucked.
They don't even merit a half-burrito out of my rating scale of 4 burritos. If I could draw, I would draw a burrito sleeping against a saguaro with a sombrero over its head to mimic the dude sleeping on his recliner from the SF Chronicle movie reviews. I share this not to complain, but just to pass along some caution to those of you who might share a fraction of the love that I have for those rolled up tasty treats.
Par Tee Girls is THE golf club for women in the San Francisco Bay Area. Whether you've been playing for years or just a beginner, you'll have fun with Par Tee Girls. We are a group of women at all playing levels who enjoy getting together to have fun and play golf!

If you're not a member and wish to become one, please click on this link Join Us and send Amy an email that you are interested.

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